Hi, my name is Pernille,

I believe that our inner and outer conditions affect each other far more than we think, so if you are looking for an alternative therapist who thinks holistically and who's goal is to give you quick and permanent results then continue reading.

From Inner to Outer:

If your inner self feels chaotic and you have a lot of repressed emotions/traumas, it often shows up in your outer world by e.g. poor health, the urge to control your surroundings, conflicts with others, survival mode, lack of self-esteem and an urge to take on a role/wear a mask to cover up feelings of inadequacy.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is the internal reprogramming I offer to get inner balance. Click below for more info. RTT is an upgraded form of Hypnotherapy and is 40-50% more effective than normal hypnotherapy and other traditionel therapies. Click below for more info.

From Outer to Inner:

Everything you surround yourself with affects your subconscious mind. Sometimes completely without you knowing it, because energy is invisible. Think back to the last time you cleaned up thoroughly. How did it feel? Or think back to the last time you did something extra out of your looks. The probability that you got a good feeling when you saw yourself in the mirror is great. What you see will affect you.

Feng Shui and decorating your home or business, is the outer transformation I work with. Click below for more info.


Woman with closed eyes and smoke that symbolises her mind

Image of a livingroom and the title Feng Shui that leads people to more information about Feng Shui