I do that, among other things via RTT, Hypnosis and Feng Shui.

Do you dream of a life of inner peace and high self-esteem? Imagine a life where you have healthy boundaries and are clear about them. You love yourself enough to prioritize your own needs before everyone else's. It is respected when you say no thanks, because you radiate high self-esteem and inner calm.

Everything you think and feel is in full harmony with what you say, do and surround yourself with. You are healthy and experience no more illnesses or imbalances. There is harmony between your outer and inner world.

In short: Everything in your body, mind and soul is in balance, and you are living the life of your dreams. You live a life full of purpose and love.


Is this your reality?

  • You experience imbalances in body and mind such as problems with sleeping, obesity, pain, worries, racing thoughts, procrastination, anger, poor memory, allergies, addictions or phobias.
  • Are your needs are not being met because everyone else comes before yourself?
  • You have completely forgotten to feel and run around like a headless chicken, behind a mask that smiles and pretends that everything is fine.
  • You look for answers outside of yourself and numb  yourself with things for example food, shopping, exercise or Netflix.
  • You are in survival mode and long for the next promotion, vacation, boyfriend or something completely different that can fix it all.

From Inner to Outer Balance Via RTT Hypnotherapy:

If your inner self feels chaotic and stressed, it often shows up in your outer world in many ways such as poor health, the urge to control your surroundings, conflicts with others, lack of self-esteem and an urge to take on a role/wear a mask to cover up feelings of inadequacy.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is an internal reprogramming and reset method I use to get to the root of the problem. Click below for more info. 

Woman with closed eyes and smoke that symbolises her mind

From Outer to Inner Transformation Via Feng Shui:

Everything you surround yourself with affects your subconscious mind. Sometimes completely without you knowing it, because energy is invisible. Think back to the last time you cleaned up thoroughly. How did it feel? Or think back to the last time you put an extra effort into your appearance. The probability that you got a good feeling when you saw yourself in the mirror is great. You probably got a good feeling when you saw yourself in the mirror. 

Feng Shui and decorating your surroundings is the outer transformation I offer. Click below for more info.

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