It has no side effects and it is always with you! 

Use your mind and get your freedom back with RTT hypnotherapy.

Your mind is the most powerful organ and can transform any physical or mental challenge. Even very serious illnesses or challenges that have been classified as chronic or congenital, that you may have had for many years, can be significantly improved after just 3 sessions.

RTT is an advanced form of hypnosis or hypnotherapy that is far more effective and faster than other forms of therapy because it involves your subconscious. We find out why and when your physical or mental challenge started and with that knowledge I can, with a number of tools, help you transform your life and health.

I'm here to help you save money, time and emotional pain so you experience the highest level of health and freedom in body and mind.

The symptoms you are experiencing are just messages about a deeper problem and I am an expert in decoding those messages.

I am a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT), trained by the award-winning British therapist, Marisa Peer.

If you are motivated and ready for change in body, mind and soul, then the possibilities for transformation are limitless and the results are guaranteed to surprise you. Start by booking a free phone consultation to find out more.

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What is RTT?

What problems can be improved with RTT?

In short, EVERYTHING. Below are some of the most common challenges that are often treated with RTT. To achieve the best results and help make the treatment targeted and effective, one problem will be addressed at a time. However, it is rare for someone to require more than 3 sessions to address a single problem, which is why I offer 1 or 3 session packages. 1 session is typically for superficial issues, while 3 sessions may be needed to address more challenging issues. 


Fx, heights, flying, animals, compulsive behaviour, trauma, fear of the dentist.


Fx, skin problems, asthma, food, animals, pollen, dust.


Fx, alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling, shopping, mobile phones, online games, social media, porn.

Physical Challenges

Fx, autoimmune diseases, pain, mobility, vision, hearing, hair growth, memory, menopause, rapid healing after surgery, dental problems.

Emotional Challenges

Fx, stress, anxiety, self-esteem, self-esteem, depression, grief, trauma, childhood problems, nail biting, self-harm, anger, lack of motivation, panic attacks, relationship problems, nerves, shame, past-life traumas.


Fx, poor sperm quality, lack of egg production, insemination, IVF treatment.


Fx, difficulty sleeping, thoughts swarming, bedwetting.


Fx, lack of motivation in exercise and a good diet, eating disorders. 


Fx, achieve better results in any sport. Team or individual sports.


Pernille Müller Holberg

“I was extremely skeptical before the meeting, but Pernille was very professional and all my reservations were put to shame during and after the meeting. It has had a very positive effect, and something I can recommend to everyone, disregarding the level of the problems you are dealing with. Significant results have been obtained. Much more relaxed and self-aware of the problems.”

Released her worries, lives more in the present and with a more positive outlook.

When was the last time you had a mental cleanup?

One can compare an RTT session to an internal, head cleaning or an update of your top floor. The veil before your eyes can be removed and with a new understanding, you have access to new results. A chain reaction is triggered in the body, because the body does what the mind thinks. This is how we are designed by nature.

Have you ever said to yourself, "I would give ANYTHING for a week in bed", and then get sick with the flu? Or have you ever thought, "My boss will kill me when I present these numbers" and you lose your voice the day before the presentation?

These are examples of your subconscious trying to help you. The subconscious mind takes everything literally, so it really believes that you would give ANYTHING for a week in bed, or it really believes that your boss will kill you, so it will save you from that.

Positive thoughts alone are not enough, it would be equivalent of getting help cleaning your home and just saying "please clean" without any further instructions. When you come back after the cleaner has been there, everything is wrong. Your papers have been moved around. Things you wanted to throw out are still there and you get mad at the cleaning help. But that's because you didn't specify how you would have cleaned. The cleaning help did their best and the intention was to help - but the result could be better.

It is my job as your inner guide to make the mental cleanup and journey comfortable, efficient and purposeful. All you have to do is be ready and motivated for change.

Pernille Müller Holberg

“It was a fantastic experience and I am very happy with the result. This "tool" should be more known to the public as I believe it would be useful to many people. Hope to continue our work at some point. Many greetings and thank you very much for your good and hard work!””

Found joy at work and cleaned up the mess.

If you can say YES to the following, RTT will give you results.





Why can you trust the RTT method?

RTT has gained great recognition and won a number of international awards because the method provides fast and lasting results.




What is the RTT process?

A single RTT session is far more than just the time we spend together at the session itself. It is a 45 day transformation, and below you can see the different steps in the process.


Congratulations! The first step towards change is awareness and the realization that there is room for improvement in your life. It is the beginning of a fantastic journey towards freedom in body and soul.



Our first meeting is online or by phone. Here I will prepare you for our session and ask you in-depth questions to find out what results you are looking for and what you hope to achieve.


If this is your first time with me, you are listening to a preparatory recording for approx. 1 week before your session. You will become familiar with parts of the process and get used to listening to a recording every day. The transformation starts even before your session.



You enjoy the comfort and convenience of your own home when I welcome you to my virtual space. The big day has come when you will get to the root of the problem, whether it is a mental or physical challenge. Here you see the connection between old experiences and contemporary problems.


Parts of your session with me will be recorded and you will listen to your personal recording every day (morning and evening) for one month after our session. Your brain learns through repetition, so this is where the remaining 50% of the transformation happens.


We will stay in touch with each other in the weeks following your session so I can follow your progress. I will also support you in your further development and keep motivation up if necessary. I offer 24/7 email support. After 30 days we speak again.