Feng Shui your life

I am here to help you attract and manifest everything you dream of, using and applying the classical Feng Shui principles, in decor, colours, materials and shapes.

Your outer life and home are a direct mirror image of your inner life. Your home is your unique base, which subconsciously, expresses your beliefs, feelings, desires and dreams.

That knowledge can be used to your advantage, because once you know which areas of your home have a direct impact on your health, success, wisdom and relationships, you can influence them in a positive direction and achieve growth.

Your home can become an effective tool for harmonising and improving the atmosphere, creating change or solving specific problems in your life.

Feng Shui is like Yoga with different ideologies and philosophies, but the basic idea is the same: to activate certain key areas of your life and create balance in your surroundings. An activation is like sending a message to the Universe; this is what I want and dream about.

Where the Feng Shui schools are different is how they come up with the answer. I am working on becoming a certified Feng Shui Consultant, working with the oldest classical Feng Shui philosophy, called the Compass School. As the name indicates, the compass directions are the basis of my recommendations. I think the compass school is the most reliable because the compass directions are always the same. North will always be in the north, south in the south, and so on.

If you are motivated and ready to make adjustments in your home, thereby activating your enormous potential and luck in life, then I can help you. Together we will activate the right places in your home so you can get the results you are looking for and blow up your inner glass ceiling.

Obvious reasons for a Feng Shui consultation


Do you want to improve the atmosphere and balance in your home? Change the energy so that you will love being at home.

Sales and Relocation

Get your home sold faster and check if the new home you are considering buying is good for you and your family.


Where should the extension be located, and who should have which rooms, based on their best directions?

Problem solving

Do you have specific challenges in certain areas (eg. success, health, relationships, wisdom)?

Tidy Up

Has the mountain of clutter become so unmanageable that you need a helping hand to get to the bottom of the piles?

Why does Feng Shui work?

Feng Shui works without you having to believe in it, although belief in Feng Shui gives people even faster results. It does so because we work with the subconscious, which is always awake and which is constantly affected by our surroundings. Also that the energy we experience from our surrounding we cannot see with the naked eye. In fact, it is EXACTLY what we cannot see with the naked eye that affects us the most, because energy, or chi, as energy is called in Feng Shui, is invisible.

You may know the feeling of being burdened by tasks that you postpone. You may have a closet or area in your home that needs tidying up or a loving hand, but you are postponing it all the time. Closing the door to the room or closing the closet, in the belief that out of sight, out of mind. But the task still weighs on you mentally, and the closed door reminds you of a task that becomes more and more unmanageable because the task affects the subconscious. It's like keeping your eyes closed and thinking that others can not see you.

kvinde i blå skjorte der tager sig til hovedet fordi hun har tankemylder

en rodet garage

The energy in the room/closet is heavy and blocked, and therefore you feel more and more drained and overwhelmed.

This is also the reason why a move often feels stressful, because you have to evaluate all your things, and thereby your emotions, which can make it a challenging process. You have to take a stand on your things and your life; what is going out and what is going on to the next phase of your life?

Which areas can be positively impacted with Feng Shui?


Career, recognition, celebrity, new ideas, growth, luck, abundance, wealth, starting a business, ambitions, projects.


Diseases, food, exercise, balance in body and soul, energy, surplus, overweight, fertility.


Relationships, friendships, communication, networking, mentoring, working relationships, family, love, sex, passion, harmony.


Education, development, meditation, spirituality, life purpose life purpose, inheritance, belonging, creativity, play.

Feng Shui in my own life

My own story is a good example that not everyone in the household needs to believe in Feng Shui for it to work. 2 weeks after we moved into our current home, my husband got his dream job! And it came completely unexpectedly - out of the blue. The whole hiring process was easy and quick, and he felt as if he was almost being helped along the way. He was unknowingly helped along the way by the Feng Shui energies, but he chose to call it "luck".

My husband did not particularly believe in Feng Shui, but just safely left most of the decor of the house to me. I made sure that his direction of success was activated, and decorated the whole house so that everyone in the family sat, slept and ate according to the Feng Shui principles and in harmony with our individual birth dates.

And it paid off. Besides my husband's new job, it also went brilliantly for me and my RTT therapy business. The goals I had set for myself in 12 months, I reached after 5 months.


From the first day, our children made friends in the new school, and we have never been as happy with a house as we are for this. The energy in our home is just GOOD, and we love our home! I am constantly experimenting with Feng Shui.

Read more about Feng Shui on my blog, where I, among other things, explain how I got more time in our sex life and how I manifest that we travel away several months in the winter every year.

Here's a short video clip from a podcast where I was a guest.