What is stress?

Stress = imbalance.

There are 3 types of stress; chemical, physical and mental. Any stress symptom or blockage in body and mind can therefore be alleviated using either chemical, physical or mental methods.  Traditional medicine is based on a chemical healing e.g. taking a pill, chiropractic treatment is an example of physical healing, and I with RTT is an example of a method that uses its own ability to naturally and effectively heal imbalances. Feng Shui is a mix of both a physical and mental change. I work holistically because all 3 work together. The order may vary but the balance between body, mind and spirit is affected on all levels, even when you are only working with one area, because everything is interconnected.


Mental Stress

Do you have a physical or mental problem that has slowly crept in on you? Nothing specific has happened to you; no accidents or traumatic episodes, and yet you still feel don't feel well?

Watch this video to learn why your subconscious programming may be contributing to your concerns.

Because the problem exists in the subconscious it is important to choose a tool that also works with the subconscious mind. That is why Rapid Transformational Therapy is so effective as RTT reprograms the subconscious mind.

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What does placebo Mean? Literally translated from Latin, it means: "I want to please". Translated and interpreted, it means "the doctor who lives inside you will please. The doctor does everything he thinks you want". And who is the doctor? You and your subconscious!

You may already know that your mind is the most powerful organ you have. A person is able to either create or cure disease, condition or problem by using the power of the mind.

Our inner voice, faith and belief have unlimited powers because every thought creates a physical reaction in the body. Your body has no choice. It always follows your thoughts. Faith can move mountains. What you think about yourself, whether it's related to an illness, a condition, or a challenging problem, is far more powerful and crucial than the thing itself.


Where are my beliefs located?

Your mental software and beliefs are installed in your subconscious. Your subconscious mind runs 90-95% of your actions.

Your conscious mind is logical and can be compared to the keyboard on a computer, a kind of hardware that performs an action.

Your subconscious mind is the software that determines what that action should be, based on your preferences, feelings, and memories. Your subconscious mind remembers every experience and feeling you have experienced and can figure it out. A kind of Google if you will.

So it is your subconscious mind, i.e. Google, that determines your actions because emotions are stronger than logic. This is why you may find that while your conscious mind wants to lose weight, your subconscious mind prefers to keep a protective layer of fat based on a traumatic experience years ago where you were teased for being too thin. You may have repressed the experience in your conscious mind but your subconscious mind remembers everything. And therefore, never completing your goal of losing weight for your subconscious will protect you from a similar experience.

ice berg where you can see it all both above and below water

Or maybe you want a child in your conscious mind but in your subconscious there is a limiting belief about what it means to be a parent (concerns about being a bad parent, your body never being the same, losing sleep, losing freedom, fears about hospitals, etc). More subtly, you may have taken birth control for many years and each time you have taken the pill it has indirectly sent the message to your subconscious: "I do not want to be pregnant". After many years on birth control pills, the programming has become permanent because the subconscious loves habits.

If you have a computer that runs on Windows, it will never operate in the same way a Mac would and vice versa.  No matter how much you try to change your computer, it won't change unless you change the software. That's what an RTT session does; it change your inner mental software by first cleaning the mind and then installing a new program.

By far the greatest installation of your beliefs happened before you were 7 years old. As a child, you have direct access to the subconscious and you can therefore say that children operate in a hypnotic state. The subconscious has no critical sense and cannot tell the difference between truth and fiction. It believes everything. This includes both positive and negative treatment or untruths; from Santa Clause to judgmental comments. The child believes the adult because the subconscious takes it as truth, even if it is not.

We update our computers and phones all the time but the mental software installed in us as children may never be updated even though over time it can be infected with the virus. We operate with outdated software; creating physical and mental challenges for us. Imagine you bought your first computer and it came without an instruction manual. While it may have been the most expensive and best on the market, you might struggle to use it or get the best out of it.

We are born with the most amazing brain but unfortunately there is no instruction book, but it is never too late to update your mental software. Even if your hardware and body are of older date, then everything is possible to transform because it does everything it thinks you want.

Now close your eyes and imagine the most delicious orange. Imagine that you want to eat the orange. Smell it, feel it and see it. What's going on in your mouth? You start producing saliva. Does the orange exist? Only in your mind but your body and mind are connected.

Watch this video by Craig Mackay, where he explains more about the mind, the differences are between your conscious and subconscious mind and the effects of hypnosis on the mind mind.

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What do my emotions tell me?

Our emotions act as a compass. When we move away from ourselves, compromise our values or suppress our emotions, we may feel bad either mentally or physically.

The way your body and soul communicate may differ from one person to another, but what is similar is that the subconscious that will try to express its desires. That is why we do not all suffer from the same thing. For example, you may have experienced a childhood trauma and have a sibling who has different problems than you. Unconsciously, you have reacted differently to similar experiences. In your case, the experiences may have settled in you as depression or anxiety while your siblings may suffer from a physical ailment such as allergies or pain.

The message from your mind is the same no matter what you are struggling with a physical or mental challenge; there are things that need to surface and be transformed instead of suppressed!

Dame som har grædt men som sætter et smil på

Thoughts - Feelings - Behaviours

EMOTIONS RTT mindmap.png

Most people mistakenly believe that you lose control when you are in hypnosis. In reality, it is jus the opposite. The only thing you can control your thoughts. You can not control your body, because if it were you would never be sick. You can't control others, because if that were the case, you could avoid conflicts with others. You can not control anything outside of yourself.

The good news is everything starts with a thought. Thoughts create emotions and emotions create actions both in body and soul, so transformation starts with looking at the thoughts behind an experience. It is not so important what happens to us as it is what we conclude about ourselves from that episode.

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