How to find your life purpose?

As the number of options in our modern world grows, so does the number of people with depression.

Today a former colleague contacted me. He felt stuck. He is trapped in the hamster wheel, where a series of financial obligations tie him down to a job he does not love. The problem is he does not know what else to do and therefore it is difficult to leave a job. Because where do you start?

A tip for you who are looking for your life purpose: Think back to when you were between 7-14 years old.

What did you LOVE to play?

What made you forget time and place?

The answer may give you a hint as to what your heart desires. Did you love e.g. to start the game, and then lose interest in the game itself? Eg. to be the one who told the others in the game who they should be and how the game should take place, and then quickly want to play something else? It could possibly. mean that you thrive in a job where you put projects in the water while there are others who get the project followed to shore.

Or was your great passion within something very concrete like drawing, writing, playing school etc. It could be a sign that a job in mediation or communication could be interesting. A job where you have to convey a message or teach others something either orally or in writing.

It could also be that you loved being outdoors as a child. That you could always be found using your body or building things in the woods. It could indicate that you want to thrive in a job where you use your body and are outdoors, so maybe a craft subject would be a good match.

When we are children, life has no serious consequences. Fortunately, children do not think that being a schoolteacher may not be as high-paying a job as other professions or that the family may have a tradition of becoming something else. They follow their heart and allow themselves to be absorbed by their passion and play.

It is only later that reason and logic enters. Children are slowly imprinted and pushed in different directions by their parents or others in their environment. Some land on the right shelf but there are also many who end up in a job that brings them further and further away from themselves and their desire.

And it leads to depression, stress or a physical challenge. It is the way of the heart and the mind to say: WAKE UP! and LISTEN to me.

The more you suppress your heart and its message to you, the louder it will shout and eventually you will feel totally trapped, unable to think clearly or do anything at all. You feel paralysed and completely trapped or your body completely knocks you down with a disease that forces you to your knees.

Some people do not remember anything from their childhood or from when they were between 7-14 years old. It's the way of the mind to protect you. There is too much that hurts and therefore the subconscious closes the lid to the black box.

This is where I come in. In an RTT session on life purpose, I bring you back to childhood and together we open the box in your subconscious mind. We find out what made you happy and what inhibiting beliefs you got installed.

Some people are afraid to open the black box, because what if scary things are hiding? The thing to keep in mind is that the box controls one's life already. Whether you want it or not. So it is better to open and empty the box than to struggle to keep the lid closed.


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