Questions and answers about Feng Shui


What is the difference between the compass school and the 3-door sport school?

The compass school is based on the compass. That is The bagua is laid out from the 4 corners of the world North, South, East and West. The advantage of this method is that it is constant. North is always north, no matter how you renovate your home, and turn the house. That makes it easier to count on. The Compass School is also the original and oldest philosophy. I know people who have used both methods and their feedback is that the compass school is the one that gives the most results.

The 3-door gate is a simple but somewhat outdated form of Feng Shui. It starts from the front door. The philosophy is that all energy enters through the door. It was perhaps also the case that we originally built houses; Houses without very many windows and only a few small windows, but we don't build like that today. Today, homes are built with large window sections. The more light the better. The energy therefore enters both through the doors and the windows.

That makes the 3-door hatch obsolete. I would only use this method in a building where there are no windows. In a shopping centre, e.g. where the customers and the energy only enter from one side, and there are rarely windows in the shops. Also, the 3-door port is not constant. What happens if you e.g. renovating your house and moving around the front door and the utility room door? Or if you completely blind a door? Then your whole Bagua changes, and you can therefore not count on the Bagua you once laid.

The Bagua I lay out for you applies to the entire life of your home.

Why should I invest in a consultation?

I myself started my Feng Shui journey by looking for free info on the web. It ended in total confusion because some went directly against each other. That, I later found out, was because there are different schools and philosophies. All are good in their own way, but still different. It's a bit like yoga. All yoga is good, but there is a big difference between e.g. Bikram yoga or yin yoga. A consultation will give you clarity, and here you will be held by the hand. Afterwards, you will have a ready-made roadmap and an overview of how, step by step, you will get closer to your goal.

How long does a consultation take?

If you are a new client, a consultation of approx. 6 hours incl. the lunch break. Here we will get through +4 life areas. How many areas we manage to get into depends on the size of the home and how much clutter there is.

If you are a former client or an online client, it will be approx. 3 hours. Here we will focus on 1-3 life areas. How many areas we manage to get into depends on the size of the home and how much clutter there is.

Is there anything I need to prepare in advance before you come?

If you would like to take notes yourself, you should have paper and pen ready.

If you are making a lunch that requires preparation, it is a good idea to make in advance.

What is the advantage of taking notes yourself vs. to buy a report from you?

If you are the very structured type, it will be perfectly fine for you to write notes yourself. However, few people can manage to take notes for a whole day (6 hours). There is so much new information on such a day, and the vast majority choose to buy an additional report when they see how much has to be kept track of.

The advantage of a report is that it is like a reference work that you can look up in. It contains everything from priorities, the Bagua map applied to your home, inspirational images, change proposals, color codes, Niki's horoscope and plant overview. Some clients call the report their Bible. This is the report they take with them when they go shopping. The report makes shopping and finding things easier because most people are visual. It is easier to show a picture of something than to describe it.

What is Niki?

Few people know that there is a horoscope part in Feng Shui. Her name is Niki. Niki is the oldest form of astrology. Niki tells us what type of personality you are and how you fit in with other personalities. If you purchase a report, you also get your Niki horoscope.

How does a consultation take place?

First, we start with a short tour of your home. We then have a short talk about the day and what we have agreed on on the preparatory call. Then I'd like to do some test measurements, and while I'm doing them, I'll give you some papers to peruse. After that, we start working with the life areas themselves.

Shall I make lunch for us?

Yes please. I am not picky and can tolerate anything. I have been offered everything from rye bread snacks to sushi. It is not important what we eat, but it is important that we get a break. You will be bombarded with information, and most people are happy about the break, where we also get to know each other better.

Are there additional costs?

There are 2 additional costs: my transport costs and the changes we agree on.

Transport costs are according to the government's rates at the given time. In 2022 it is DKK 3.70 per km.

However, it often happens that I take the train and am lucky to find orange tickets.