Energy is invisible ...

and therefore it must be felt. It takes practice but we all have the ability to feel energy. Think back to a time when you had to choose a seat. What decided your choice? Would you rather sit where you sat with your back to a fixed structure such as a wall or bush and had an overview of the room or where you sat with your back to the entrance and looked towards the wall / bush? The vast majority would choose the first option because it feels great. The energy feels safer when you have an overview of the entire area. This is what we in Feng Shui call having, the "mountain" in the back and the "plain" in front of it.

Runde borde som står i en have til en fest

In Feng Shui we work with 5 elements

Water, wood, fire, earth and metal. The goal is to create a balance between the 5 elements. Our tool is a map of the area, which we divide into 9 life areas. This is called a Bagua. The 5 elements and their energies are described below.

sort og hvid Bagua med yin yang tegn i midten


The water area in your home can affect the following life areas: Life journey, career, showing love, spirituality, peace and tranquility, sleep, objective thinking, independence, travel, sex, inner journey, inner development, getting pregnant, spirituality.


The two wood areas in your home can affect the following areas of life: Quick start in business, harmony with the past and parents, siblings and ancestors. Confidence, dreams and ideas, belonging, luck, growth, new activities, abundance, keeping money, inspiration, communication, creativity, travel opportunities, unexpected wealth.


The area of fire in your home can affect the following life areas: Recognition, success, passion, passion, reputation, new ideas, active social life, being noticed, seen and heard, sociability, spontaneity and inner enlightenment.


The three earth areas in your home can affect the following life areas: Close relationships, relationships, attracting a lover, harmony in the family, thrift, stability, close business partners, motherhood, health, energy, unity, balance, wisdom, contemplation, meditation, knowledge, studies, heritage, self-esteem, knowing yourself, insight, direction in life, self-motivation, competitiveness, desire to work hard.


The two metal areas in your home can influence the following life areas: Income, play, creativity, romance, stable income, pleasure, financial security, budget, responsibility, leader, mentor, fatherhood, long-term planning, gaining trust and respect, charity, getting things done, organisation, karma.